Chrysler Sebring JS 2007-2010

The Appcar DiagFCA software allows you:

  • Read and erase all DTC Fault codes from all systems available on the vehicle,
  • Read identification data from all vehicle systems, such as part numbers and software versions, VIN numbers recorded in each module,
  • Show Live Data – current parameters available on each of the systems ,
  • Test and control of selected actuators such as valves, relays, lighting and more,
  • Programming and configuring some unique features,
  • Activation and deactivation of selected vehicle equipment.

The following modules are supported by our software:

ABSAnti Lock Brakes++++
AWDAll Wheel Drive++++
CCNInstrument Cluster/Cabin Compartment Node++++
DDMDriver Door Module++++
HFMHands Free Module(cell phone)++++
HVACHeat, Ventilation and A/C++++
ORCOccupant Restraint++++
PCMPowertrain Control Module++++
PDMPassenger Door Module++++
PTCMPower Top Control Module++++
SASSteering Angle Sensor++++
TCMTransmission Control Module++++
TIPMCGWCentral Gateway++++
VES3Last Row Screen++++
WCMWireless Control++++


Programming and configuration features:

DRLActivate / deactivate and configuration of DRLs++++
Tire size **Recalibrate speedometer for larger tires++++
Front lightsSet voltage, HID mode, auto-mode and quad lamps on / off++++
Front fog lightsActivation or deactivation of front fog lamps++++
Front fog lights dropout ***Turn fog lights with high beams on/off++++
Rear lampsCombined rear stop and turn lamps on / off++++
One-touch lane changeTurn one-touch lane change on/off++++
TPMS ***Turn TPMS on / off and calibrate pressure thresholds++++
Rearview CameraActivate rearview camera for factory MyGIG / Nav Radio++++
Customer preferences *Allows you to set the following features: Sound Horn on Lock, Flash Lamps on Lock, Headlamps on with Wipers, Auto Wipers, Illuminated Approach Time, Headlamp Delay Time, Accessory Delay Time, Activate or deactivate of automatic door locking and unlocking, Seatbelt minder etc.++++
* Availability depends on vehicle equipment;
** For advanced users only;
*** Use of these features may only be legal outside of the public roads;


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