Remote Start – Chrysler and Dodge Minivans

Before you activate the Remote Start system in your car, you will probably have to replace or add the following parts:
  • Wireless Ignition Node (WCM Module) with Remote Start Antenna
  • New FOBIKs – Remote Start Compatible
  • Hood Ajar Switch
After replacing the WCM / WIN module and programming the keys, the following parameters should be set in the vehicle configuration:
  • TIPM Configurable Inputs: Reconfig Input #2 (B11) -> Hood Ajar

  • Vehicle Configuration 1: Remote Start -> Set

After changing the parameters, you need to perform the WCM Reset (Reset WIN Configuration Routine). A PIN code will be needed.
  • You can read the PIN code:

  • Run Reset WIN Configuration Routine to apply changes in WCM/WIN Module.