How To Activate Remote Start – Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan


This procedure allows you to activate the factory Remote Start in almost all gasoline 2008-2020 Chrysler Town&Country and Dodge Grand Caravan minivans


👉 Remote Start without replacing the ignition module


You will need:
  • New FOBIK with Remote Start button
    – or – Case / Shell + Button Pad only – a lot of key fobs have an active Remote Start contact, so just replace the Button Pad!,
  • Underhood Ajar Switch 05026211AA (Supersessions: 05026211AA, 05026161AA, 05026277AC, 05026288AA) –
    – or – one Resistor 1K Ohm


1️⃣ Connect the Hood Ajar Switch or use 1K Ohm Resistor.

The ajar switch connector is usually hidden under the fuse box (TIPM module). If the factory wiring harness does not have this circuit, connect two wires to the C4 connector – pins 3 and 14 – this is the smallest TIPM connector 68032279AA
Alternatively you can use a 1K Ohm Resistor instead of an ajar switch, which will imitate a closed hood.


2️⃣ Change the following parameters in the vehicle configuration
  • TIPM Configurable Inputs: Reconfig Input #2 (B11) -> Hood Ajar

  • Vehicle Configuration 1: Remote Start -> Set


3️⃣ Read the PIN code

After changing the parameters, you need to perform the WCM Reset (Reset WIN Configuration Routine). A PIN code will be needed.

  • You can read the PIN code using this routine:


4️⃣ Perform Reset WIN Configuration Routine
  • Run Reset WIN Configuration Routine to apply changes in WCM/WIN Module.


5️⃣ Program new Key/FOBs if it is necessary.


6️⃣ Cycle the ignition for a few moments and then erase the DTC codes if occurs.


👉 Remote Start with the factory dedicated kit


You can also use the dedicated Remote Start kit, but it’s much more expensive 💰

The dedicated Remote Start kit consists:

  • New Wireless Ignition Node (WCM/WIN Module) with an external Remote Start Antenna,
  • New FOBIKs – Remote Start Compatible,
  • Hood Ajar Switch

Instead of reading the PIN code, you must perform the WCM/WIN Replace routine, which programs the VIN and PIN Code in the new ignition module.
Remember to program the FOBs only after completing this procedure!

⚠️ These procedures have been tested by Appcar users, but we cannot guarantee that they will work properly in each vehicle.