Dodge Journey 2008-2010   ( JC )

The main Appcar DiagFCA features:
  • Read and clear DTC Fault codes
  • Read ECUs identification data
  • Read modules real-time data
  • Read vehicle configuration data
  • Edit / code vehicle configuration data
  • System tests / actuators
  • Perform calibration and adaptation routines
  • Build DTC fault codes and vehicle configuration reports

The support level, available modules and procedures may vary depending on the year and vehicles trim level.

Supported Modules

ABS Anti Lock Brakes
AMP Amplifier
AWD AWD / All Wheel Drive
CCN Instrument Cluster / Cabin Compartment Node
DISP Front Display
DMFL Door Module Front Left
DMFR Door Module Front Right

HFM Hands Free Module
HVAC Heat, Ventilation and A/C
ITM Intrusion
ORC Occupant Restraint Air Bag
PCM Powertrain Control Module
SAS Steering Angle Sensor

SDARV Satellite Video Receiver
TCM Transmission Control Module
TIPMCGW Central Gateway
VES3 Last Row Screen
WCM Wireless / Ignition Control

Supported Procedures and Routines

ABS Bleed Brakes
ABS Initialize
Seat Belt Minder Enable/Disable
CCN Self Test
DVD VES - DVD Region Change Flag Reset
HVAC Actuator Calibration
PCM Learn ETC - Throttle / Accelerator Pedal calibration (gasoline)
PCM Cam Crank Relearn (gasoline)
PCM Replace Routine
PCM VIN Edit (gasoline)
62TE Transmission Clear Learned Variable Line Pressure (VLP) Counters - Shift Count In Open Loop
62TE Transmission Clear Learned Variable Line Pressure (VLP) Counters - Open Loop Output Tooth Count
62TE Transmission Quick Learn
Remote Start Abort Reason #
Remote Start Inhibit Reason #
Anti-Theft VTA Alarm Trigger Cause #

MyGIG Radio - DVD Region Change Flag Reset
MyGIG Radio - HDD Backup
MyGIG Radio - 12/24h Clock Mode (EU market only)
MyGIG Radio - Anti-Theft CODE temporary disable
TPMS Sensor ID
WCM Erase All Ignition Keys
WCM Program Ignition Keys or Key FOBs
WCM Reset WIN Configuration
WCM Replace
WCM Read PIN Code

Headlamps Configuration
Rear Fog Lamps
Mirrors Configuration
Tip Start
Door Lock/Unlock Configuration
Accessory Delay Time
Headlamp Delay Time
Illuminated Approach Time
Flash Lamps on Lock
Wipers Settings
Horn Chirp Configuration
Compass and Temperature Display
Remote Steering Wheel Switches
DRL Configuration
Tire Size - Tire Circumference
Front Fog Lamps Dropout
Front Fog Lamps Enabled/Disabled
Rear Back-up Camera
One Touch Lane Change
Anti-Theft VTA Alarm Configuration
TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring Enabled/Disabled
DVD Region Code

Vehicle Configuration Parameters

200+ editable TIPMCGW configuration parameters