Fiat 500X 2015-2021   ( FB )

The main Appcar DiagFCA features:
  • Read and clear DTC Fault codes
  • Read ECUs identification data
  • Read modules real-time data
  • Read vehicle configuration data
  • Edit / code vehicle configuration data
  • System tests / actuators
  • Perform calibration and adaptation routines
  • Build DTC fault codes and vehicle configuration reports

The support level, available modules and procedures may vary depending on the year and vehicles trim level.

⚠️ There are three CAN networks CAN-C, CAN-IHS and CAN-CH in this vehicle.
To connect to modules in a CAN-IHS and CAN-CH, you need a specific interface and an additional cross adapters.
👉 Read more how to connect to the specific CAN-bus
⚠️ 2018+ Fiat 500X is equipped with a Security Gateway Module (SGW). For active diagnostics and coding it is necessary to use an additional SGW Bypass Cable!

Supported Modules

ABS Anti Lock Brakes
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control
AMP Amplifier
BCM Body Controller
CSWM Comfort Seat Wheel Module
DCU Dosing Control Unit
DTCM Drive Train Control Module
ECM Engine Control Module

EPS Electric Power Steering
ESL Electronic Steering Lock
ESM Electronic Shifter
ETM Entertainment Telematic Module
HALF Haptical Lane Feedback
HVAC Heat, Ventilation and A/C
IPC Instrument Panel Cluster
LBSS Left Blind Spot Sensor

ORC Occupant Restraint Air Bag
PAM Parking Aid Module
PCM Powertrain Control Module
RBSS Right Blind Spot Sensor
RFH Radio Frequency Hub
RRM Radio Receiver Module
SGW Security Gateway Module
TCM Transmission Control Module

Supported Procedures and Routines

ABS Longitudinal and Lateral Sensor Calibration
ABS Reset Steering Angle Sensor Offset
ABS Brake and TMC Pressure Sensors Calibration

IPC Reset Service Information

Proxi Configuration Alignment
Proxi Tools - Proxi Edit

Vehicle Configuration Parameters

200+ editable BCM configuration parameters