Ram 1500 2013-2020   ( DS )

The main Appcar DiagFCA features:
  • Read and clear DTC Fault codes
  • Read ECUs identification data
  • Read modules real-time data
  • Read vehicle configuration data
  • Edit / code vehicle configuration data
  • System tests / actuators
  • Perform calibration and adaptation routines
  • Build DTC fault codes and vehicle configuration reports

The support level, available modules and procedures may vary depending on the year and vehicles trim level.

⚠️ There are two CAN networks CAN-C and CAN-IHS in this vehicle.
To connect to modules in a CAN-IHS, you need a specific interface or an additional cross adapter.
👉 Read more how to connect to the specific CAN-bus
⚠️ 2018+ Ram 1500 is equipped with a Security Gateway Module (SGW). For active diagnostics and coding it is necessary to use an additional SGW Bypass Cable!

Supported Modules

ABS Anti Lock Brakes
AMP Amplifier
ASCM Air Suspension Control Module
BCM Body Controller
DDM Driver Door Module
DTCM Drive Train Control Module
EDM External Disc Module
EPS Electric Power Steering
ESM Electronic Shifter
FTM Fleet Telematic Module

HSM Heated Seat Module
HVAC Heat, Ventilation and A/C
ICS Integrated Center Stack
IPC Instrument Panel Cluster
ITBM Integrated Trailer Brake Module
MSM Memory Seat Module
ORC Occupant Restraint Air Bag
PCM Powertrain Control Module
PDM Passenger Door Module

PTS Parktronics
RFH Radio Frequency Hub
SCCM Steering Column Control Module
SGW Security Gateway Module
TBM2 Global Telematics Box Module
TCM Transmission Control Module
TPM Tire Pressure Monitor
VSIM Vehicle System Interface Module

Supported Procedures and Routines

ABS Initialize
ABS Bleed Brakes
ASCM Air Susp Calibration - Write Height Values
ASCM Deflate Spring to Atmosphere
ASCM Deflate Spring to Reservoir
ASCM Fill Spring from Reservoir
ASCM System Readings
EDM DVD Region Change Flag Reset
EPS Clear Steering Pull Compensation
HVAC Actuator Calibration
IPC Self Test
IPC Seat Belt Minder Enable / Disable

MSM Seat Calibration
ORC Initialize
PCM Learn ETC - Throttle / Accelerator Pedal calibration
PCM Cam Crank Relearn
PCM IMA Codes 6 Cyl (3.0 VM diesel)
PCM Manual DPF Regeneration (3.0 VM diesel)
RFH Door Handle Verification Test
RFH Locate Learned Keys
RFH Door Handle Verification Test
RFH Erase Ignition FOBIKs
RFH Program Key Highline (2013-2017)
RFH Program Key Lowline (2013-2017)
RFH Read PIN Code (2013-2017)
TPMS sensor # ID
ZF 8HP Quick Learn

Auto Headlamp On/Off Thresholds
Combined Rear Lights - EU/US Conversion
Front Fog Lamps Dropuot
Rear Fog Lights Configuration
Trailer Brake Controller Configuration
Mirrors Configuration

Vehicle Configuration Parameters

500+ editable BCM configuration parameters

An example set of editable parameters for 2017 RAM 1500 DS. Depending on the vehicles equipment, the available data set may vary.
Customer Programmable Features group: Accessory Delay Active; Accessory Delay Time; Auto Door Unlock; Auto High Beam; Auto Lock; Auto Relock; Auto Wipers; Daytime Running Lamps (DRL); Door Alert; Dynamic Gridlines; Electro Chromatic Mirror Auto Dimming; Flash Lamps with Lock; Headlamp Off Delay Time; Headlamps On with Wipers; Illuminated Approach Time; Passive Entry Unlock All Doors / Approach Door; Remote Lowering Horn; Remote Lowering Lights; Sound Horn on Lock; Sound Horn on Lock Configuration; Sound Horn on Remote Start; Static Gridlines; Unlock All Doors First Press
ECU Configuration 01 - BCM Configurable I/O group: Connector A Pin 1 / Connector D Pin 13: Front Fog Lamps Output; Connector A Pin 11: Hood Ajar Switch Input; Connector A Pin 14: Rear Washer Motor Output; Connector A Pin 16: Auxiliary Fuel Pump / Fuel Transfer ON/OFF Relay Control; Connector A Pin 22: Right Dedicated DRL Lamp Output; Connector A Pin 24: Ignition Unlock / Run / Start Output; Connector A Pin 3 / Connector D Pin 2: Low Beam Outputs; Connector A Pin 8: Washer Fluid Level Sensor Signal; Connector D Pin 10: PTC #3 Diesel Cabin Heater Relay Output; Connector D Pin 12: Diesel Fuel Heater Relay Output; Connector D Pin 15: Left Dedicated DRL Lamp Output; Connector D Pin 22 / Connector D Pin 23: Ambient Temperature Sensor Signal / Return; Connector D Pin 7: PTC #1 Diesel Cabin Heater Relay Output; Connector D Pin 9: PTC #2 Diesel Cabin Heater Relay Output; Connector E Pin 10: Snow Plow Park Lamps - Ignition-Off Draw (IOD) OFF LSD Output; Connector E Pin 11: Parking Brake Switch Input; Connector E Pin 20: Snow Plow Right Low Beam Relay Control - Spare LS
ECU Configuration 02 - BCM Features group: Bi-Xenon Headlamps; Combined Rear Lighting; Combined Side Mirror Repeaters and Side Markers; Door Lock Switch Signal Front Left Usage; Door Lock Switch Signal Front Right Usage; DRL Configuration; DRL Dropout; DRL Lamps Location; Dual Relay Start System; Exterior Light Loadshed; Front Fog Lamp Dropout; Front Wiper Park; Front Wiper: Num of Wipes After Wash; Headlamp Wash Interval; Headlamp Wash Shot; Headlamp Wash Spray Duration; Headlamp Washer Low Fluid Level Shut-Off; Horn Chirp Allowed; Intermittent Wiper Switch States; LED Dedicated DRL; LED Front Fog Lamps; LED Front Park / Marker Lamps; LED Front Turn Lamps; LED High Beam Lamps; LED License Plate Lamps; LED Low Beam Lamps; LED Rear Fog Lamps; LED Rear Turn Lamps; LED Reverse Lamps; LED Stop Lamps; LED Tail Lamps; LED Topper Third Brake Lamp; One Touch Lane Change; Park Lamp Loadshed; Quad Headlamps; Rear Lighting DTC Disabled; Rear Wiper Park; Reversible Washer Pump; Side Repeaters; Single Element Tail Lamp; TCSM - Transfer Case Switch Module; Tip Star
ECU Configuration 03 - Comfort and Media group: Antenna Type; Backup Camera; Cabin Equalization Curve Number; DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting; Destination; DRL - Customer Settings Options; External Media Ports; Front Heated Seats; Front Park Assist; Front Ventilated Seats; Heated Steering Wheel; Hill Start Assist - Customer Settings Options; Microphone Configuration; Microphone Type; Power Door Locks; Power Inverter; Radio Display On/Off Soft Key; SDAR Travel Link Feature; Splash Screen; Surround Sound; Vehicle Theft Alarm
ECU Configuration 04 - Misc Features group: ERS Available; Heated Seats; Max Gear; Rear Wheel Dually
ECU Configuration 05 - Doors group: Blindspot Capable Mirrors; Doors Contain Courtesy Lamps; Doors Contain LED Handle Ambient Lights; Doors Contain LED Map Pocket Ambient Lights; Doors Puddle Lamps; Electro Chromatic Driver Mirror; Electro Chromatic Passenger Mirror; Exterior Mirror Contain Turn Signals; Frameless Windows; Heated Mirrors; Memory Driver Mirrors; Memory Passenger Mirror; Mirrors Contain Approach Lights; Passenger Window Lockout; Power Folding Mirrors; Sunshade; Tow Mirrors; Window Global Down; Window Global Up; Window Motor Type
ECU Configuration 05 - Memory System group: Front Ventilated Seats; Heated Seats Material; Heated Steering Wheel; Heated Steering Wheel Material; Memory Adjustable Pedals; Memory Seat; Rear Heated Seats; Tilt and Telescopic Steering Column
ECU Configuration 05 - Wireless group: Tip Start
ECU Configuration 06 - Powertrain group: Dosing Control Unit; Dual Alternator; ECO Mode Configuration; Variable Geomeric Turbo Actuator
ECU Configuration 07 - Exterior Lighting group: Auto Headlamp Off Threshold; Auto Headlamp On Threshold; Front Left Corner Voltage; Front Right Corner Voltage; Left DRL Voltage; Left High Beam Voltage; Left Low Beam Voltage; Rear Left Corner Voltage; Rear Right Corner Voltage; Right DRL Voltage; Right High Beam Voltage; Right Low Beam Voltage
ECU Configuration 08 - LIN group: ASBM - Auxiliary Switch Bank Module; Auto Relock Time; Compass Mounting Angle; Compass Mounting Orientation; Compass Rear View Mirror Module (CRVMM); Electronic Overhead Module (EOM); Humidity Sensor; Illuminated Approach Headlamp Voltage; Illuminated Approach Interior Lighting Ramp-Up Time; Illuminated Approach Interior Voltage; Illuminated Approach Taillamp Voltage; Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS); Panic Alarm Enabled; Remote Compass Module (RCM); Snow Plow; Steering Wheel Switch Module Present; Vehicle Theft Alarm (VTA); Washer Fluid Low Level Voltage
ECU Configuration 09 - ITM group: Siren; Tilt; Ultrasonics
ECU Configuration 11 - CBC I/O Usage group: Cargo Lamp / Glovebox Switch Input Usage; Connector A Pin 11: Hood Ajar Switch Signal; Connector A Pin 2: Right High Beam / DRL; Connector D Pin 11: Clutch Interlock or Park Neutral Active (T120) / ESCL / DRL; Connector D Pin 1: Left High Beam / DRL; Connector E Pin 10: Ignition-Off Draw (IOD) OFF LSD Output; Connector E Pin 1: Right Reverse Lamp; Connector E Pin 21: Snow Plow Right High Beam Relay Control - Ignition-Off Draw (IOD) ON LSD Output; Connector E Pin 29: Reverse Lamp Switch Signal; Connector E Pin 31: ESM / Stop Lamp CHMSL; Connector E Pin 37: Snow Plow Right Turn Relay Control (L318) - Ignition-Off Draw (IOD) OFF HSD Output; Connector E Pin 39: Right Rear Fog Lamp / High Beam Shutter Usage; Connector E Pin 3: Left Rear Turn Signal / Second Reverse Lamp; Connector E Pin 41: Ram Box / Trunk / Thatcham Unlock Output; Connector E Pin 42: Ram Box / Trunk / Thatcham Lock Output; Connector E Pin 7: Snow Plow Left Turn Relay Control (L317) - Ignition-Off Draw (IOD) ON HSD Output; Connector F Pin 25: Left
ECU Configuration 12 - Cluster group: Fuel Tank 2 Calibration Empty; Fuel Tank 2 Calibration Full; Fuel Tank 2 Calibration Low Fuel Warning
ECU Configuration 13 - BCM I/O and Features group: Auto High Beam Module Location; Cargo Lamp Output Disabled with Vehicle Speed; Connector A Pin 5: Truck Bed / Cargo Lighting; Humidity Sensor Long; License Plate Lamp Disabled; Rain Sensor Module #2; Snow Plow Left Turn Lamp; Topper Third Brake Lamp (CHMSL) Output Disabled; Turn Signal Left Rear; Turn Signal Right Rear
ECU Configuration 16 - Radio group: ANC Calibration Parameter Data Set; Auto Dimming Mirror Hard Button; Automatic Crash Notification Feature; Phone Information in Cluster; Radio Speaker Open Circuit Disable (LF); Radio Speaker Open Circuit Disable (LR); Radio Speaker Open Circuit Disable (RF); Radio Speaker Open Circuit Disable (RR); Rear Defrost and Heated Mirrors; Surround View Camera On / Off Soft Key; Trailer Hitch Camera
LIN Module Customer Programmable Features group: Backup Camera Dynamic Gridlines Enabled; Backup Camera Static Gridlines Enabled; CBC / BCM AUX 1 Holding Enable; CBC / BCM AUX 1 Power Mode; CBC / BCM AUX 1 Type; CBC / BCM AUX 2 Holding Enable; CBC / BCM AUX 2 Power Mode; CBC / BCM AUX 2 Type; CBC / BCM AUX 3 Holding Enable; CBC / BCM AUX 3 Power Mode; CBC / BCM AUX 3 Type; CBC / BCM AUX 4 Holding Enable; CBC / BCM AUX 4 Power Mode; CBC / BCM AUX 4 Type; CBC / BCM AUX 5 Holding Enable; CBC / BCM AUX 5 Power Mode; CBC / BCM AUX 5 Type
Plant/Service Mode Parameters group: Shipping Status
Plant/Service Remote Start Parameters group: Remote Start Temporary Disable
Plant/Service Tip Start Parameters group: Tip Start Temporary Disable
Programmed ECUs - Audio / Telematics Network group: AMP - Amplifier; DVD - DVD Changer Module; HFM - Hands Free Module; ICS - Integrated Center Stack; SDARV - Satellite Video Receiver; VES2 - Vehicle Entertainment System - Second Row Screen; VES3 - Vehicle Entertainment System - Last Row Screen
Programmed ECUs - CAN-B/IHS (Cabin Network) group: AMP - Amplifier; BCM - Body Control Module (CAN-IHS); Clock Module; CVPM - Central Vision Processing Module; DDM - Driver Door Module; DMRL - Door Module Rear Left; DMRR - Door Module Rear Right; DTV - Digital Television Module; EDM - External Disc Module; FSM - Fold Stow Module; HFM - Hands Free Module; HSM - Heated Seat Module; HVAC - Heat, Ventilation and A/C Module; HVACR - Heat, Ventilation and A/C Rear Module; ICS - Integrated Center Stack; ITM - Intrusion Transceiver Module; LBSS - Left Blind Spot Sensor; MSM - Memory Seat Module; PDM - Passenger Door Module; PLGM - Power Liftgate Module; PSDML - Power Sliding Doors Module Left; PSDMR - Power Sliding Doors Module Right; PTCM - Power Top Control Module; RADIO - Radio Module; RBC - Regenerative Brake Controller; RBSS - Right Blind Spot Sensor; VES2 - Vehicle Entertainment System - Second Row Screen; VES3 - Vehicle Entertainment System - Last Row Screen; VSIM - Vehicle System Interface Module; VTM - Vehicle Tracking Module
Programmed ECUs - CAN-C (Powertrain/Chassis Network) group: ABS - Anti Lock Brakes Module; ACC #1 - Adaptive Cruise Control Module; ACC #2 - Adaptive Cruise Control Module; ADCM - Active Damping Control Module; AFLS - Adaptive Front Lighting System; AHLM - Automatic Headlamp Leveling Module; ANC - Active Noise Cancelation Module; ASCM - Air Suspension Control Module; BCM - Body Control Module (CAN-C); DTCM - Drive Train Control Module; ELSD - Electronic Limited Slip Differential Module; EPB - Electrical Parking Brake Module; EPPM - Electronic Pedestrian Protection Module; EPS - Electric Power Steering Module; ESM - Electronic Shifter Module; FDCM - Final Drive Control Module (All Wheel Drive); FFCM - Forward Facing Camera Module; HCP - Hybrid Control Processor; IPC - Instrument Panel Cluster; ITBM - Integrated Trailer Brake Module; OCM - Occupant Classification Module; ORC - Occupant Restraint Controller; PCM - Powertrain Control Module; PTS - ParkSense Module; RFH - Radio Frequency Hub (Keyless) Module; SCCM - Steering Column Control Module; TCM - Transmission Contro
Programmed ECUs - Hybrid LAN Network group: APM - Accessory Power Module; BPCM - Battery Pack Control Module; HCP - Hybrid Control Processor; MCPA - Motor Control Processor A; MCPB - Motor Control Processor B
Vehicle Configuration - Customer Settings Menu 1 group: Adaptive Front Lighting System; Air Suspension Warning; Ambient Dimmer; Auto Door Lock; Auto Door Unlock; Auto Entry Exit Mode; Auto High Beam; Auto Park; Auto-On Driver Comfort; Automatic Aero Mode; Auxiliary Switches; Backup Camera; Backup Camera Gridlines; Blind Spot Alert; Capacity Unit; Clock Display; Compass Calibration; Compass Variance; Consumption Unit; Daytime Running Lights; Distance Unit; Easy Exit Seat; Electric Parking Brake Service Mode; Electric Power Steering; Flash Lamps with Lock; Flash Lights with Remote Lower; Forward Collision Warning; Forward Collision Warning Active Braking; Headlamp Drop; Headlamp Off Delay Time; Headlamps On with Wipers; Hill Start Assist; Illuminated Approach; LaneSense Strength; LaneSense Warning; Navigation Turn by Turn; ParkSense; ParkSense Brake; ParkSense Front Volume; ParkSense Rear Volume; Passive Entry; Performance Shift Enable; Performance Shift RPM; Police Passive Entry; Power Accessory Delay; Power Liftgate Chime; Power Take-Off; Power Unit; Pressure Unit
Vehicle Configuration - Customer Settings Menu 2 group: Auto Power Folding Mirrors; Backup Camera Delay; EPB On/Off; Forward Collision Warning Switch; Fuel Saver Settings Menu; Hold and Go; LDW On/Off; Paddle Shifter; Park Assist Type; Passenger Airbag On/Off; Personal Settings Linked to Key Fob; Remote Unlock; Speed Unit; Speed Warning; Temperature Unit; Tilt Mirrors in Reverse; Torque Unit; Trailer Name; Trailer Select; Trailer Type; Transport Mode; US or Metric Units; Wheel Alignment
Vehicle Configuration 1 group: Auto High Beam; Backup Camera; Body Style; Country Code; Drive Configuration; E-Mode Feature; Headrest; Hill Descent Feature; Left / Right Hand Drive; Maximum Vehicle Speed; Model Year; ParkSense Display Configuration; Performance Pages; PTS Configuration; Remote Start; Select Speed Control Feature; Shifter Type; Special Package; Topper Third Brake Lamp (CHMSL) Camera; UREA / SCR (AdBlue) System Equipped; Vehicle Line
Vehicle Configuration 2 group: Air Conditioning; Cruise Control (non ACC); Drive Mode Feature Configuration Present; ECM Drive Mode Sub-feature Configuration Present; ECO Indicator; ESC Drive Mode Sub-feature Configuration Present; Flipper Glass; Front Tire Placard Pressure - Light Load; Front Tire Placard Pressure - Max Load; Full Size Spare Tire; Memory Drive Mode Sub-feature Configuration Present; Off-Road Capable; Performance and Gear Shift Indication; Power Inverter Type; Rain Sensor; Rear Tire Placard Pressure - Light Load; Rear Tire Placard Pressure - Max Load; Run Flat Tires; SKIM - Sentry Key Immobilizer Module; Special Package; Thatcham
Vehicle Configuration 3 group: Adjustable Pedal Present (non-Memory); Auto Headlamps; Auto Park; Collision Mitigation System; Disable Display of Radio Clock; Display Compass Heading; Display Outside Temperature; Door Alert; Electro Chromatic Interior Mirror; ELV; ESCL; FOBIK Safe; Forward Collision Warning; Fuel Tank Capacity; High Intensity Discharge HID Xenon Headlamps; HVAC Configuration; Keyless Go; Liftgate / Trunk Door Type; Paddle Shift; Passive Entry; Police Lighting; Power Left Sliding Door; Power Liftgate; Power Right Sliding Door; RKE - Remote Keyless Entry; Secondary Lock; Sport Mode; SRT Vehicle; Sunshade; TPMS Base System; TPMS Premium System; Transfer Case Type; Two Fuel Sending Units; Vehicle Brand; Wheel Base; Window Express Feature Configuration
Vehicle Configuration 4 group: Axle Ratio; Dynamic Tire Circumference (All or Rear); Transfer Case High Ratio; Transfer Case Low Ratio
Vehicle Configuration 5 group: Ambient Lighting; Ambient Temperature Sensor Location; Child Display Feature; Dual Rear Wheels; Off-Road Pages; Rear Park Assist System with Stop; Seat Belt Reminder Module; Semi-Automatic Parking System; Speed Limiter; Wait to Start Feature
Vehicle Configuration 6 group: Air Quality System; Analog Door Sensor Configuration; Brake Type; Dynamic Tire Circumference (Front Only)
Vehicle Configuration 7 group: Active Blind Spot; Adaptive Cruise Control Type; ASCM Suspension; ASCM Suspension with Active Damping; Automatic Transmission Type; Autostick / Electronic Range Select; Axle Locker Configuration; Dynamic Steering Torque; e-shifter; Full Speed Forward Collision Warning Plus; KeySense Feature; LaneSense Warning; Paddles Lock-out; Parking Brake Type; Red Key Feature; Super Track Pack; Surround View Camera; TPMS Configuration; Transmission Drive Mode Feature; Transmission Neutral Hold Feature; Transmission Type
Vehicle Configuration Status group: Last Programmed Status; Vehicle Configuration Status
Wiper/Washer Parameters group: Rear Wiper Cleanup Counter; Rear Wiper Wetting Timer; Small Washer Bottle; Speed Sensitive Wipe

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